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Best American Sports Writing 2014

Here’s a list of articles from the Best American Sports Writing 2014 book:

PAUL SOLOTAROFF with RON BORGES.  The Gangster in the Huddle (Rolling Stone)

DAVID MERRILL.  The One-Legged Wrestler Who Conquered His Sport, Then Left It Behind (Deadspin)

CHRIS JONES.  When 772 Pitches Isn’t Enough (ESPN The Magazine)

FLINDER BOYD.  20 Minutes at Rucker Park (SBNation)

AMANDA RIPLEY.  The Case Against High School Sports (The Atlantic)

PATRICK HRUBY.  The Choice (SportsOnEarth)

TIMOTHY BURKE and JACK DICKEY.  Manti Te’os’ Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax (Deadspin)

DON VAN NATTA JR.  The Match Maker (ESPN)

MARY PILON.  Tomato Can Blues (The New York Times)

JAY CASPIAN KANG.  The End and Don King (Grantland)

IAN FRAZIER.  The Last Days of Stealhead Joe (Outside)

JEREMY MARKOVICH.  Elegy of a Race Car Driver (SBNation)

STEPHEN RODRICK.  The Great One (Rolling Stone)

BROOK LARMER.  Li Na, China’s Tennis Rebel (The New York Times Magazine)

AMANDA HESS.  You Can Only Hope To Contain Them (ESPN The Magazine)

ELI SASLOW.  Allegation Ends Coach’s Career (ESPN The Magazine)

JONATHAN MAHLER.  The Coach Who Exploded (The New York Times Magazine)

BEN MCGRATH.  The Art of Speed (The New Yorker)

NICK PAUMGARTEN.  The Manic Mountain (The New Yorker)

BUCKY MCMAHON.  Heart of Sharkness (GQ)

ALICE GREGORY.  Mavericks (n + 1)

RAFFI KHATCHADOURIAN.  The Chaos of the Dice (The New Yorker)

KATHY DOBIE.  Raider. QB Crusher. Murderer? (GQ)

CHRISTOPHER SOLOMON.  The Last Man Up (Runner’s World)

CHARLES P. PIERCE.  The Marathon (Grantland)



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