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day 08 dogs

Day 8 of Project 365 (details about my endeavor can be found here). –

i’ve always liked dogs more than i liked cats, though i’m not sure why. oh, yeah this (h/t Stephen Zhu!) is why. but also.. maybe it’s because i grew up with a dog (and no cats). i wonder what that says about my personality.. people always say dogs are a man’s best friend. they’re loyal, they’re friendly, they protect you. it’s true! we’ve had our dog (penny, a black chow chow) for 11 years now, ever since we moved into our new house. i remember picking her up, just a little puppy that i cradled in my arms while sitting in the back seat on our drive home. now, she’s not that much bigger, but i definitely can’t pick her up. it’s crazy to think that she’s so old — she still looks like a puppy, and though she’s less active now, she doesn’t seem like she’s 11..

she always brings a smile to my face — even if she’s got an ugly lion shave going on or if she’s in need of a bath. she’s a mix of disciplined and not-so-disciplined in that she’ll go back outside after she comes inside the house to explore, but she’s not wont to not running away from the house when the door’s accidentally left open. when we take her to the neighborhood lake and trails, she’s always friendly with other dogs (and ducks!) and has her favorite spots where she likes to rest. it’s crazy to think — and i try to avoid this — that she might be getting too old and might not be with us much longer. she’s been such a steady presence in my life, and even when i was away for college, she would always readily embrace me when i came home and would gladly go on long walks with me near the lake. she’s not too old to climb on to our bench outside and peer through the kitchen window when i come home from work, and she’s not too old to sit by me when i do cardio exercises in the backyard. she’s not too old to drop by the pool and sniff around when we’re all swimming, and she’s not too old to bark at the pool guy who comes once a week. she seems to have so much energy in her, and over the years, she’s solidified my belief that dogs are better than cats, and that dogs really are man’s best friend.

i’m not sure why i decided to write about her today — maybe because as i was thinking of something to write, i saw her stare back at my through the open door and gently wag her tail, patiently waiting for me to come outside and play with her. so basically, my dog’s the best, and this post is 11 years overdue. happy halloween! here’s a picture of my family with her in the middle —



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