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Project 365

day 02 anticipation

Day 2 of Project 365 (details about my endeavor can be found here) —

day 02 — anticipation

vroom, screech, hum
all sounds that mean everything
and nothing. descriptive?
feeling-evoking. not one bit.
LA traffic — or any for that matter —
DC, Chicago.. it’s universal.
that feeling in your stomach,
your heart as you approach
the ramp. the green, the red.
the suspense. the annoyance, the resigned

the merge — the inefficiences associated w/
Traffic. brake. gas, brake. gas, stall.
the idiot. who doesn’t let you in.
the jerk. who cuts
you off, weaving
in & out of traffic —
only to end up
right. next. to. you.

those AT 40s about living young, dying young
those tunes that are made for open roads & going 90 mph.
the channel surfing to avoid
that Hollywood gossip, those prank phone calls,
that one second where you almost,
convince yourself to call in for those concert tickets.

the slow, oh, so, so
s l o w
climb, the commute, that dreaded
just to go 20 miles.
that slouching back, that
singular, solitary arm
leaning up
against the window.
the whizz of cars…

on the other side.
a break!
the wary step on the gas
the slow acceleration
the 30 … 40 … 50 …
that smile that turning of the volume knob
that sing along voice
that arm back down hand gripping the wheel
the —

the red brake lights.

that halting stop.

two minuts of freedom —
the tense anticipation
the craning of the neck
the foot, eager to move back to the right.
the pause
that suddenly, oh-so-loud
pop song, that upbeat EDM club song
an inch forward. brake.
the loud sigh.
the changing of the radio station.
the adjusting of the temperature.
the slow ascent.

red, blue, those lights in the right shoulder
an accident — a small smile.

explains everything.

a bruised up Camry hugging a sturdy
almost undamaged Beemer,
the quick stare,
the self-disgust.
rubber necking. the worst.

but the traffic —
what traffic?
back to singing about lovers come lovers gone
drunk nights late night talks

that green sign
“downtown” 2 3/4
so close. so close.

yet     so …

another sign. a freeway merge.
blinkers – everywhere.
quick feet. apprehension.
the view — beautiful. screech.
that was close.

1 1/4
almost. almost …



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