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Project 365

day 01 relics

Day 1 of “Project 365” — I’m trying to get back into writing, so I’ll be doing some form of writing every day for a year. All thoughts are written down first on a notepad then transcribed on to here so I don’t change any thoughts. What does this mean? Purer, unfiltered content. It also means this might not always be my best writing, but hey, what the heck? This is a learning experience, so here goes —

day 01 – relics

there’s a thing
called writing
it’s a talent, a skill
maybe even some sort
of therapy.
Maybe? no, definitely
it’s something that

then goes.
but the thoughts
the sentiments?
those …
those will always remain.
in obscurity, in shelter,
in the deep recesses
of the Mind.
it can be stream
of consciousness
it can be cold,
ridden with clichés &
trite expressions.
it’s a cleansing, a birth,
a sign of life; a faith —
it comes, it goes
like the chill
in the brisk October wind.

they say
writing for an
takes away from the authenticity
the “genuineness” of writing.

Maybe not.





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