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I am a reporter.

From Tumblr, and one of my favorite journalists, Laura Nelson. The part about being a student journalist until the end is just spot-on.

Laura Nelson


My parents met in a newsroom, and I grew up opening presents wrapped in the Metro section. I guess I never stood much of a chance. I’m constantly amazed that people talk to me. If I called me, I probably wouldn’t. If a guy confuses it’s/its, that’s a dealbreaker. I always read the online comments. They remind me that people care. I wish there were a better way for us to interact with readers, since we do this for them. To those who call me a student journalist, I ask: why the qualifier? I’m six months away from graduation and a nervous wreck about finding a job. But on the other hand, I’m 21 and already doing what I love. I hear I’ll be poor when I graduate. But I can’t think of a life richer than this.

I am a reporter.



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