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Copied over from the Duke student perspectives blog. I promise I’ll have insight soon about the NBA Draft, Women’s World Cup, Wimbledon, etc.! And updates about the Bucket List! In the meantime, this will have to do–

Wow, I’ve been quite the traveler this summer, and the lack of updater, too, so sorry about that! Let’s see, what have I been up to? Well, right now I’m in Bristol, CT for a couple of days to get trained with some of the content editing programs ESPN uses so I can get started with that. I’m super excited to be here–it’s my second time on campus after Rookie Camp two weeks ago, and it’s definitely a different feel from being in the New York office. It’s the place you want to be if you want to see the anchors you know from television, the columnists you’ve always heard of, the rooms that SportsCenter, SportsNation, etc. are filmed in.. But being in New York is an experience in itself, and I love it! First of all, I’m living in the city, and for someone who’s only been to New York once before this, it’s a whole new experience. I wouldn’t say I’m a subway veteran yet, but I can definitely say I feel comfortable riding it (though the late night/weekend schedule still confuses me sometimes). Secondly, I work across from the Empire State Building. It’s so unreal coming out of New York Penn Station every morning and being able to find where I work (I’m geographically challenged at times) by looking up toward the sky and walking toward the Empire State Building. Third, I work right near 34th Street and 5th Avenue–both of which are well-known streets with a lot of landmarks, shops, etc. Fourth, my summer housing is in Brooklyn Heights, and I’m right near the Brooklyn Promenade and a subway stop away from Wall St. (and Ground Zero) and South Street Seaport. All are amazing, and I feel so lucky every day on my way to work! Last, and definitely not least by any means, I’m doing an internship that I would ever even have dreamed of slash have always dreamed of doing. I’m working for ESPN in their espnW department. What does this mean? I have an email address, a work laptop, my own desk/cubicle, and best of all, I’m doing things that an entry-level employee would do. I’m not making copies, getting coffee, arranging meetings. I’m listening in on conference calls, working on stories, traveling to live events, everything that I’ve always wanted to that I never would’ve thought possible with such a big company. The people I work with are amazing, and I learn so much from them every day! It just makes me so happy every day going into my office loving every single moment and realizing that reading espnW, watching ESPN, going to sports events, talking to players, telling others’ stories.. that’s my life. That’s what I get to do every single day. I was thinking about this the other day, and I realized that if I hadn’t gone to Duke, I definitely would not have gone on the sports journalism track, and for that, I’m thankful every day. Being on The Chronicle staff has given me so many opportunities to go out and travel and have a taste of what it’s like to be a professional sports journalist, and that dream is being realized slowly day after day. That’s just one of the reasons I love Duke, and my job this summer, and the city.

Now enough self reflection, here is a sampling of the pictures, followed by a slideshow at the end of this post!

View from the Brooklyn Promenade!

Brooklyn Promenade 2nd Edition

View from outside my building of the Empire State Building!

Washington Square Park

And here are Stephen’s pictures–

Brooklyn Promenade

Brooklyn Promenade

Brooklyn Promenade

Brooklyn Promenade

NBA Nation at South Street Seaport

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

KIA Pack the Trunk Game

Obstacle Course!

City Hall Park

Inside the subway station - home of NY Chinatown!

Shake Shack!

Madison Square Park (& Shake Shack)

Found this in the sand!

Look! I'm a photographer, too--I took this one!

It only looks like this at night because of the shadows

Empire State Building at night

Empire State Building

View from the top!

View from the top

Times Square

Times Square +


Slideshow isn’t working, but you can always view it here!

More about what’s been happening before New York (St. Petersburg for the Sports Journalism Institute & Poynter Institute for journalism! and California) later–hopefully not two months later!



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