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Summer 2011 Bucket List

The LA Times just came up with a great summer reading list that I definitely want to dive into, but for now, I’m still focusing on finishing up Bill Simmons’s The Book of Basketball. But as soon as that’s done, I definitely want to read some of these!

But reading aside, there’s so much more to do in the summer with the great weather (though I’m debating whether or not that’s true while looking outside my window at the overcast sky… Is this really Southern California?!). And, I’ll be in New York City, so there’s so much more to do there! Still working on a final list, but here’s what I have for now (and definitely shoot me any suggestions you have!)–

Things To Do –

  1. See a Broadway musical
  2. Go to a Mets (maybe Yankees) game
  3. Watch something at Film Forum
  4. Shop at SoHo!
  5. Today Show concert series (Bruno Mars!)
  6. Tour of the UN
  7. Taping of the Late Night Show
  8. Eat at Chinatown / Little Italy

Places to Go –

  1. Brooklyn Bridge (walk all the way across!)
  2. MoMA & PS1
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  4. Statue of Liberty
  5. Empire State Building
  6. Ground Zero
  7. Guggenheim Museum
  8. The New Museum
  9. Lincoln Center
  10. Chelsea Market
  11. Brooklyn Promenade
  12. South Street Seaport
  13. Staten Island

Things to Eat –

  1. Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate!
  2. Doughnut Plant
  3. Sip coffee shop
  4. Caffe Regio
  5. Grimaldi’s Pizza (Brooklyn)
  6. Veniero’s: Italian Dessert (East Village)
  7. S’Mac (East Village)
  8. Ippudo (Astor Place)
  9. Bagel!
  10. Pomme Frites (East Village)
  11. Restaurant Week
  12. Shake Shack


4 thoughts on “Summer 2011 Bucket List

  1. Love the list! I’m just finishing up my bucket list too — and it includes a trip to NY. Hope we can see each other 🙂

    Posted by Laura | May 23, 2011, 1:15 pm
  2. I’m going to add to your New York bucket list:

    1. Grimaldi’s Pizza: Take the subway across to Brooklyn, eat here, then walk back across the Bridge (Stand up, tall masts of Mannahatta!—stand up, beautiful hills of Brooklyn!)
    2. Veniero’s: Italian Dessert in the East Village
    3. S’Mac: Gourmet Mac & Cheese restaurant in the East Village
    4. Ippudo: The BEST ramen ever, near Astor Place. There’s always a line, so prepare yourself.
    5. Buy food from the Whole Food’s deli in Union Square, and eat it on the third floor of Whole Foods; if you sit near a window, you can look down into Union Square
    6. Have a bagel, duhhhh
    7. Go to Pomme Frites: french fry joint in the East Village
    8. Katz Deli on the Lower East Side: best pickles ever
    9. RESTAURANT WEEK (If you can, try Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill for brunch. Delicious)

    Things to Do:
    1. Rockwood Music Hall: I don’t know if you have to be 21+, but this is a teeny tiny music hall/bar that has local musicians playing sets every night; it was one of my favorite places
    2. The New Museum: contemporary art
    3. Get a ticket to see a taping of a Late Night show (I saw the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last summer at Rockefeller Center); they’re free
    4. If you like big band jazz, the Lincoln Center hosts Midsummer Nights’ Swing every night for two weeks, and you can buy a ticket and go dancing. But if you go to the LIncoln Center, you can still see the show and listen tot he music without buying a ticket
    5. Go stand outside the New York Times office, shake your fist angrily, and ask them why they haven’t hired me. haha.
    6. Tour of the UN: also pretty cool
    7. Go visit the Chelsea Market in the meatpacking district; it’s where Food Network films some of its shows.

    Have funnn!

    Posted by Jessie | June 8, 2011, 12:30 pm


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