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Rapture – End of the World May 21, 2011

So I was working on a long post that’ll go up later today, but in the meantime, I had to post this–

After reading multiple articles (like this one) and talking with my friend Will about Harold Camping’s assertions that the Rapture (the day the world ends and true believers are whisked into Heaven while those who don’t believe are doomed to fiery chaos on Earth) will come tomorrow, May 21, 2011, and the Earth will be torn apart by earthquakes, I came across with this conclusion: You can’t blame the guy.

First and foremost (before I blatantly offend anyone), I think that what he says is a bunch of baloney, and I refuse to believe it, but that’s not to say that others don’t believe it. And regardless of whether or not you believe it, there’s still that very tiny–or many huge for some–dread that poses itself as a “what-if” question. And you know what? What this guy is purporting and the way people are panicking and worrying is not fair. Not at all. But it’s not his fault.

How can you blame someone for his beliefs? How can you blame someone for thinking that all of this is true after devoting five years of his life researching? How can you blame someone who–at the core of his existence–can’t imagine that this isn’t the absolute truth?

So you know what? Yeah, it sucks for those who are panicking at something which (I believe) isn’t true. But props to Harold Camping for not being afraid to stand up for what he believes in, for not being afraid of being ridiculed, for not being afraid of following his heart.

After all, that’s what America encourages, does she not?



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