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Things I’ll Never Say.

Yes, that might have been a reference to Avril Lavigne. No, this post is not about the Canadian singer.

It’s about Kyrie–Kyrie Irving. The same Kyrie who injured his toe earlier this season but stayed op(toe)mistic and made it back just in time to play in the NCAA tournament. The same Kyrie who hadn’t competed since Dec. 4 and scored 14 points in Duke’s 87-45 rout over Hampton. The same Kyrie who lost his mother, Elizabeth Irving, when he was 5 years old.

And amid all the madness that is March and all the hype centered around college basketball, it’s easy to forget that these players are people, too, and young ones at that. They’re doing their best out there, even if that doesn’t always translate to success. They want what’s best not just for themselves, but for their team, their program, their school. They are, in Kyrie’s words, “hungry & humble.”

So imagine my surprise when I went on Twitter and saw Kyrie’s latest tweets–

So, being curious as I was, I checked out what she said. And I was shocked.

Needless to say, reading this made me really feel bad for Kyrie. Very few things–if anything–would warrant this sort of reaction from anything. And that this may have stemmed from his performance during the Duke game against Michigan is downright outrageous. First of all, one should never talk about someone’s parents like that, deceased or not, especially without knowing them. Second of all, a person’s a a person, no matter how small (or big)! (Yes, that was a Dr. Seuss reference). Someone who dabbles in IM sports has feelings that matter just as much as someone destined for the NFL–or NBA in this case. Just because someone becomes a celebrity of sports and touted for his skill does not make him any less vulnerable to negative publicity or personal attacks, especially on close family members. Finally, if you’re going to write something insulting and cruel, at least learn to spell.

Oh, and don’t forget that anything said on the Internet isn’t private–and can’t be taken away once said. (Reference: Alexandra Wallace & Seth Curry Saves Duke)

And if I were Melissa Rodriguez, I’d be scared if Nolan Smith ever tweeted this in response to what I said–

Because chances are, with today’s social media and networking, he can.



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