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As a college student, it’s incredibly easy to forget there’s a world outside of campus. Events are restricted to lectures given by distinguished speakers, concerts by well-known and underground performers, and (in most D1 schools) the wins and losses of their athletic teams. And as Selection Sunday comes around and various conference tournaments in play, it’s no doubt that that’s at the forefront of many students’ minds. With this lingering thought always in the back of my mind, Amanda Rykoff’s column couldn’t seem all the more real. That, coupled with a friend’s Facebook status (“Hoping the tsunami reaches Santa Barbara so we wouldn’t take the final…”), made me realize even more how centered students’ lives are on themselves and their immediate surroundings. Rather than hope for the best for those affected by the tsunami and pray for their well-being, students are instead focusing on themselves, forgetting that there is a life outside of their own little bubble. Generally, college students’ lives are unaffected by the stock market (though an overall economic depression does hurt), protests and unrest in other countries, and other events happening around the world.

Even I have to admit to not knowing some of the things that happen around the world, but I do try at least. And I’ll be the first to agree that complaining about people’s apathy and ignorance certainly doesn’t help, so I rest my case. I guess what I’m trying to say that with Selection Sunday coming up, it’s easy to forget about what’s happening around the world. But even basketball (and this I say as a big Duke fan) doesn’t come anywhere close to huge natural disasters.

With all that said, my best wishes go out to those with families and friends affected by the tsunami. I’m crossing my fingers for the best.



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